Electricity & Gas are common sources of energy for most properties, yet these sources of energy can also be dangerous. Electricity is widely considered a “must” for properties – it should be readily available to run appliances, however beware of high electric bills! Gas is the opposite – it also offers good quality cooking due to consistency of flame and can be considerably cheaper than electricity.

Electricity Dangers:
  • Electric current can be transferred through metal, water and our bodies (resulting in an electric shock). A severe electric shock can result in a heart attack, severe burns and even death.
  • You are in danger of electrical shock if you
    • use a metal object to extract a plug from a live electrical socket
    • come into live contact with any electrical appliances (in particular if they are faulty)
    • come into contact with any electrical current surging through water
    • attempt to repair an appliance while it is still plugged in
The bottom line is that electricity can cost you so much more than just high bill – it can cost you your life if you are not careful and vigilant as to its dangers and usage.

  • Avoid using metals on live electrical socket, sticking a metal object into an appliance that is plugged in.
  • Avoid faulty appliances and do not repair it while it is plugged in.
  • Avoid dropping water into live sockets or inside the appliance when cleaning it.
  • Avoid sticking your finger in water-based appliances while plugged in, as water is an extremely good conductor of electricity.
  • Avoid moving or plugging in appliances with wet hands.
  • Avoid having open electrical sockets around children – make use of Electrical Plug Socket Protectors.
  • Avoid overloading electrical connection points.
  • Avoid uncovered live electrical wires or points; albeit appliances, extension cords or house electrical wiring.
Gas Dangers:
  • Gas is transferred through copper metal and other pipes into our house or point of use. Gas leakage can cause fire that can burn a property to the ground and even result in death.
  • Gas dangers originate from – leaking gas pipes, improperly connected gas appliances, improperly connected gas cylinders, smoke or flammable material.
The bottom line is that gas can cost you so much more than just high bill – it can cost you your life if you are not careful and vigilant as to its dangers and usage.

  • Fix any leaking pipes immediately
  • Avoid smoking near to any gas appliances or gas bottles or gas lines.
  • Never place any flammable materials too close to gas cylinders, leaking pipes or gas appliances.
  • Inspect connections before use to ensure that all is properly connected.
  • Make use of skilled service providers to do appliances or cylinder connections.
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