Property can be dangerous if not given undivided attention. Not many people pay attention to the fixtures, appliances and interior designs of properties in relation to safety and emergency situations.

Below you’ll find some cost-effective emergency and safety tips to implement around the house. All you need is a bit of Time, Rands and Attention to maintain your greatest asset – your property!
  • Your physical address number must always be unobstructed and visible from the street, to ensure easy house-locating in the event of an emergency.
  • Make a large clear printed notice board with Emergency & Essential contact numbers, for example: 10111, Ambulance, Nearest Fire Station, Family Doctor, Closest Family Members, Insurance Company details, Security Company information etc.
  • Where possible, obtain a First Aid Bag or Box and ensure this is regularly inspected to ensure that essential equipment is readily available should the need arise.
  • Flammable materials must be stored according to their class. Items that can ignite easily should be safely stored away to decrease the risk of fire.
  • Keep fabrics away from flammable appliances, especially in the kitchen and around the stovetop area e.g. curtains, towels, aprons and hand gloves.
  • Appliances & Furniture must be arranged in such way so as not to obstruct easy access and movement (in case of emergency) eg. passages should be clear of any objects or pieces that can be obstructive and doorways must be kept clear.
  • Extension cords & general ropes must be arranged in such way so as not to interfere with passages and doorways.
  • You should periodically inspect security surveillance cameras, fire extinguishers, fire detector and gas devices, to ensure that they are in full working condition and are installed correctly.
  • Floors (especially in the bathroom) can be slippery. Install a suction cup bath mat or other non-slippery mat which will ensure accidents and injury do not occur.
  • Keep your DIY toolbox and other items in one place and ensure that your floor is free of sharp objects such as nails, screws, shovels, metals etc. at all times to avoid injury.
  • Make sure that lights outside the house are working properly to illuminate walkways and garden space for safety and in case of emergency.
  • Ensure grass, bushes and shrubs and kept neatly cut back to avoid dangerous reptiles & insects taking up residence close to your home.
  • When using a step ladder, make sure it’s well secured and grips securely on the floor.
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