A shower door is one of the bathroom fixtures that can be used as a water and energy-saving element. In order to get more out of our shower doors, please review the following TIPS to consider:

Tip 1:

Make sure your shower door seals properly and is waterproof, which will help keep water within the bath or shower area.

Why Fix It - When the shower seal or waterproofing become porous or break, water could enter the general bathroom area or even the nearest rooms and passages. If the leakage area is carpeted or wooden, the damage could be significant.

Tip 2:

Shower door hinges - Over time, shower hinges may lose functionality due to general wear and tear and this may causes the glass door panel to break or not function properly.

Why Fix It – We all know the saying: “Precaution is better than cure”. Maintenance is essential to ensure general wear and tear issues do not occur and that the shower door hinges are kept in a good working condition. If the door hinges break off completely, the glass may fall out and the breakage and cost would be much greater than if care had been taken to avoid the situation.

Tip 3:

Shower door glass – not just any glass will do for shower doors - ONLY Safety Toughened Glass must be used.

Why Fix It – better be safe than sorry, if the glass breaks! If you use other glass, you’d better just hope and pray that no-one gets hurt if the glass breaks. Although shower glass may say that it is Toughened Glass “from a reputable supplier”, this no guarantee that it will not cause severe damage should it break and cause lacerations and other casualties. This is worsened still if it happens to be a child or physically challenged person getting hurt!

Tip 4:

Shower head – The main areas of concern to users are saving water, getting good water pressure and preventing water leaks. A good shower head can ensure all these items are crossed off the list.

Why Fix It

Saving water: A good shower head will use very little water and thereby save water and as a result, save on your water bill! If you are looking to save on water and energy usage, then get a good shower head. Many of the water saving types of showerheads are aerated and then boosted to feel like they dispense more water.

Low water pressure: a water-saving showerhead also works great in low water pressure conditions because it makes it feel like you have more water pressure than you actually do.

Shower head leakages: ANY leakage is something that needs to be attended to as soon as possible; it’s not easy to quantify the amount of water and energy wasted, however the cost will show on your water or energy bill. Fixing shower heads is relatively cost-effective compared to other plumbing fixtures in the house. A shower arm can break in the wall or cause the other pipe in the wall to break if too much pressure is applied while unscrewing the shower head or shower arm.

Tip 5:

Shower Cleaning – filmy soap, mould, water stains and other chemicals can make our shower an unpleasant fixture in our bathroom.

Why Fix It – it is highly recommended that after taking a shower, you should keep your shower clean. Although it’s understandable that a lot of people don’t have the time, an effort should still be made or a skilled service provider should be employed to clean it from time to time.
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