It is very important for every person purchasing immovable property in South Africa to familiarise themselves with the processes involved. For your convenience, the platform hereby provides this step-by-step general guide to you for free. Kindly note however that this guide should not be used as a basis for action without further professional legal / property advice.

  • Delays
  • Receipt of a property in an undesirable condition
  • Unnecessary property costs and
  • After-sales disputes
By adhering to the following guidelines:
  • Property Zoning – Verify the legal zoning / property usage rights allocated
  • Property Valuation – Verify the property value to avoid overpaying for the property
  • Electrical Compliance Certificate – Ensure that the electrical certificate of compliance is made available to you by the transferring attorney or bank
  • Bank Finance – As a buyer, first ensure that you have been pre-approved for the property/home loan
  • Payment of Deposit – Ensure that you have enough money saved up to cover the deposit costs.
Generally the transfer process involves at least 4 Documentation Process Stations and professionals, namely:
  1. Transfer Documentation – Transferring Attorney
  2. Bond Cancellation Documentation – Cancellation Attorney
  3. Bond Registration Documentation – Bond Registration Attorney and
  4. Lodgement Process Documentation – Deeds Office, SARS, Municipality.
The process these 4 entities above should follow is outlined below:
  • The Transferring Attorney will request the Rates Clearance Certificate from the local Municipality.
  • The Bond Registration Attorney will furnish the Transferring Attorney with the relevant Guarantees.
  • The Transferring Attorneys will furnish the Cancellation Attorneys with guarantees to cancel the seller's bond, which is done upon receipt of the relevant Guarantees.
  • The Transferring Attorneys will obtain the Title Deed and Cancellation Figures from the seller's bondholder or bank, which they in turn will furnish to the Bond Registering Attorneys.
  • The Transferring Attorney will then draft the Transfer Documentation e.g. SARS transfer duty, Rates & Taxes Clearance Certificate.
  • The Transferring Attorney will arrange for payment of the Rates and Taxes and Transfer Duty to the Receiver of Revenue and a Transfer Duty Receipt is issued.
  • The Bond Registration Attorney will prepare the buyer's Bond Account and Supporting Documentation.
  • The Transferring Attorney will prepare the transfer documentation and the Purchaser and Seller will then sign the Supporting Documentation and pay the Bond Registration Costs.
  • The Bond Registration Attorney will prepare the relevant Guarantees and send to the Transferring Attorneys, who will prepare the bond documents for lodgement with the Deeds Office.
  • The Transferring, Cancellation & Bond Registration Attorneys will then all lodge with Office of the Registrar of Deeds simultaneously.
  • The Deeds Office can take anything from 7-14 days to evaluate the submission and advise on the "Preparation (Prep)" status.
  • Once the registration process is finalised, the Deeds Office will officially register the property to the new owner.
  • The Purchaser & Seller should both check with the local municipality to ensure that the rates and electricity accounts are transferred to the new owner.
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